Sunday, July 21, 2024

Water Rates

A minimum charge of $17.00 for the first two thousand gallons per month. An additional $0.004 for each additional gallon. There is a $3.00 Administration Fee.

Sewer Rates

A Flat rate of $25.00 per month for sewer services.

Trash Rate

A Flat rate of $ 14.00 per month is charged for Trash Pick-up. Trash pick-up is every Thursday unless there is a major holiday. Please have trash to the road by 7:00 a.m. to ensure pick-up.


There is a $150.00 refundable deposit is required to begin services. The deposit may be refunded after 1 year of good payment history or upon moving out of the city.

Utility Billing Information:

  • Utility bills are mailed out on last business day of every month.
  • Residents are responsible for receiving their utility bills.
  • Utility bills are due by the 20th of each month.

Delinquent Accounts:

  • Late fee of 10% of the amount outstanding will be added to accounts on the 21st of the month.
  • Reminder notices will be mailed to accounts that have an outstanding balance on the 21st of each month.
  • If payment has not been received before the 11th of the following month that the bill water will be shut off.
  • If service is disconnected there will be a $50.00 reconnect fee.
  • Upon payment of entire past due bill, current bill and reconnect fee, water service will be restored.
  • The City participates with the State of Kansas Set Off Program in order to collect delinquent debts.
  • Bad debts are also turned over to the City’ attorney for collection.
  • Return check charge is $30